Consulting Portfolio

Gap analysis for a national retailer

A US based retailer needed help understanding how they can set sales goals for stores by product categories. Since all stores are not the same by location and revenue, a custom model had to be developed for calculating gaps based on those attributes. A special algorithm has been built into the gap analysis model which allowed to precisely set goals for every store and then have data support to hold them accountable for under performance.

Brand identity development for an international consulting company

A small size consulting company employing people with decades of experience in geologic and environmental work all around the globe needed to create a strong and authoritative brand that would convey the value proposition of the organization and position them as one of the best in the industry. A solid strategy in terms of the brand, logo, strategic website design and content has been developed and implemented. Today the company conducts international consulting activities under a strongly positioned brand that EMG experts created for them.

Strategy for distribution of Indian movies and music in the US

Starting 2008, Eames Management Group partnered with a US-based start-up distribution company to help them understand how they can benefit from an existing opportunity to become a major player in distributing Indian movies and music in the US. Currently at 3 million, the Indian and South Asian population in the US is growing rapidly. Critical ingredients for success in this business are solid partnerships with top production studios in India and a comprehensive strategy for working with retail partners in the US.

Due to a multi-decade experience of the EMG team in electronics retail and its previous work in India, we are a valuable partner of the distribution company.

Evaluation of a major big box retailer in the US for investment purposes

A European private equity firm required an evaluation of a major US retailer for investment purposes. The goal was to understand the company’s strategic priorities, current financial condition and forecast, identify major gaps in performance, understand market position and share trends, evaluate existing real estate and store formats and assess the people development and training organization of the company.

EMG associates developed a comprehensive approach to analyze the state of the retailer’s organization. After a thorough evaluation and recommendations were presented, the investment company eventually made a decision to make a significant investment in the retailer’s business.

Business development strategy for a start-up electronics retailer

This is an on-going project with a new start-up Consumer Electronics retailer in India. The work is focused on developing the overall business plan, real estate strategy, category management, logistics, competitive strategy, and prototype development. A very important part of the project is a comprehensive branding and marketing strategy.

India is not the easiest place in the world to do business. The Indian middle class is growing but is still hard to reach. Western style retail is very underdeveloped. Most of the current sales are transacted in local mom and pop stores. Building a new brand requires a density of store fronts in neighborhoods of target customers. Because of the Indian infrastructure, logistics issues are significant. All these issues above were studied by us and a thorough approach to the project has been developed.

Eames Management Group got involved with the company in the spring of 2008 and has already significantly contributed to the improvement of the client’s business.

Evaluating and optimizing the business of the largest electronics retailer in the Middle East

A major retailer in the Middle East was going through a rapid growth. The company engaged Eames Management Group to evaluate their entire business, identify opportunities and develop projects around the major issues. To date the majority of work has been focused on assortment optimization, inventory management, demand planning and forecasting, at-risk inventory reduction, new store prototype development, check-out process and employee training.

One of the challenges that we faced was connected with the fact that the culture of the Middle Eastern countries was new to us. We had to learn about it to be able to implement all the changes in the company. It was a very new and unique environment in which we had to blend in. While trying to make changes in the client’s company, we also had to change ourselves.

Soon after we evaluated the business and started working on the opportunities that were identified, business results improved. The company’s revenues and profits rose significantly in less than a year after several of EMG recommendations were implemented. We are still engaged with the client and help them streamline their business development strategies in various areas.

Business development strategy for an e-commerce start-up company

In 2006, several former executives of major US corporations founded an e-commerce company, Backstage Gallery, to sell rock’n’roll historic art. EMG became a consulting partner to help set up a business model for the organization including future strategy for retail sales and international expansion. The scope of work included creating the value product, dealing with the legal issues, brand positioning, pricing, fulfillment, web marketing strategy, and partnerships with retailers. EMG also studied the opportunities for the company to expand their business in the UK and Europe and developed a business plan for future growth.

The company is currently operating online at and is planning to establish the presence of its product at major retailers in the US. Our continuing work with Backstage Gallery will help the company build the retail side of the business and position the brand as an authority in the industry.

Turnaround strategy for the largest electronics retailer in the CIS

The largest retailer of any kind in the CIS, Eldorado, had experienced rapid expansion, growing to over 800 stores in 10 years, yet the total business was not growing profitably. In 2006, Eames Management Group contracted with Eldorado to evaluate their business and help them understand what steps they needed to take in order to bring their business model up to international best practice standards and return their business to growth with profitability.

Projects included the development and implementation of a comprehensive budgeting process, retail store SOPs, marketing and advertising planning process, inventory management, demand planning and forecasting methodology, at-risk inventory reduction strategy and improved expansion strategy including site selection math and SOP.

The outcome was extremely positive with annual revenue growing from $4 billion to $6 billion in one year.

Competencies development for a major retailer in the US

This research project with one of the top retailers in the world focused on the identification of core competencies required in various positions in a retail store environment. Understanding the job requirements and then matching employee behavior can provide a roadmap for success or failure.

Competencies that matter the most include problem solving (problem analysis, decision making, planning and prioritizing, long range thinking), motion and motivation (integrity and composure, personal drive and energy, desire to learn and cultural commitment), interpersonal skills and communication (customer focus, building positive relationships, persuasion and influence), work and leadership (empowerment and involvement, developing others, multi-team and group leadership), insight into self and others (organizational understanding), special knowledge or skill (experience, planning, financial analysis, interpretation).

This project helped build the foundation for employee development and performance management.

Don Eames – Founder and CEO