About EMG

Eames Management Group is a Minneapolis based international strategy and management consulting company that has decades of global experience in successfully growing profitable businesses and solving complex business problems. We believe that formulating a comprehensive strategy, getting the work done and achieving financial success are important goals for our clients. Looking to the future and changing a business we focus on: the strategy, the structure, the process, the talent, the culture. If sequenced and implemented properly, outcomes are maximized.

We have experience with organizations such as Airbus, U.S. Army, H.B. Fuller, as well as Fortune 500 companies like UnitedHealth Group, CVS Corporation. We also worked with large private companies around the world like Eldorado Company (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan), Alghanim Industries (Kuwait), Impact Retail Ltd, Pvt., (India) and more.

Our Consulting Portfolio
Don Eames – Founder and CEO